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A tour adapted to your possibilities, alone or as a group


Our tailor-made travel packages are specifically designed to meet your needs. You can travel individually or in a group thanks to our road-book, all hotels and activities are pre-booked and already paid. You can also travel with a private French-speaking guide. Each detail of the itinerary or travel conditions are carefully discussed together. This kind of trip is adapted to families, newlyweds, VIPs willing to travel discretely, people requiring special medical attention, or simply people who want a special itinerary off the beaten tracks. During the journey, you can be accompanied by our guides, partially or not.

An adapted itinerary with adequate logistical tools

stacks_image_314Anne is a trained physiotherapist and helps us to have a “wheelchair” approach while planning itineraries, with great attention to the small details often missed by the non-disabled. The courses are meticulously studied, alternating long days and rest time.

Most of the long connecting routes are made by plane. For mini-groups, transfers during the stops are carried out in comfortable air-conditioned minivans with a portable removable ramp.

Disable travellers can travel with their own chairs, which are then secured to the ground and equipped with seat belts. If the passenger can be transferred to the bus seat, the wheelchair is then stored in the back. We can bring electric chairs after study (weight, dimensions).

In main cities like Buenos Aires or Santiago de Chile, we can provide adapted vehicles with electric ramps.

Accessible hotels and accommodations

stacks_image_317Hotels have been carefully selected on very strict accessibility conditions. It is difficult to require emerging country such as Chile or Argentina to have equivalent accessibility than the United States, although courageous and notable efforts are being made in this direction. We choose hotels which are fully accessible, especially the bathroom, to a standard wheelchair size (+/- 63cm).

When there is no alternative, we choose hotels that have the most acceptable accessibility. We sometimes provide narrow chairs to access bathrooms. We allow a maximum of 2 steps, which should be easily crossed thanks to a removable ramp or with the assistance of the guide or driver.

During the creation of your stay, you will be given a program that will describe in details the level of accessibility of excursions, transports and accommodations. We indicate the level of accessibility for each stage through a star rating system.

Solutions for single travellers

stacks_image_320If you come alone, you are supposed to be totally autonomous, included for cares and toileting. If you are not self-sufficient, you will have to travel with an accompanying person (family, volunteer…).
We can recommend you a local accompanying person on request. He will speak Spanish or English, he may be able to provide medical care and he will be paid. His stay will be charged as a normal stay.

On certain “adventure” stays, camps are made in high and accessible tents, on very comfortable foldable beds.

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