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Greg and Sandrine (France): Atacama and Chile Central Region

stacks_image_1124We left in September for our honeymoon in Chile, with Amapi. At first, it was a real challenge: to entrust an unknown person for the organization of our journey, to fly for 14 hours and get to Santiago with 1 suitcase, 2 backpacks and a French-Spanish dictionary is quite something for a valid couple, but a true adventure for tetraplegic/head trauma couple. We had excellent exchanges with Anne and Mark, that made us take the decision to start the adventure, and we have never regretted it. The organization of Amapi is flawless, everything is perfectly planned so that the journey goes wonderfully well. Hotel accessibility, sites, transports…we never faced any problem, moreover the tour guide was here to prevent any difficulties. We felt like visiting Chile with a friend. Relationships with the guide were excellent, the tours were interesting and varied. Amapi takes you into the heart of Chile, out of classic tourist circuits: eating marinated fish in a typical market in La Serena, taking a train to Perou like if you were in Tintin comics, observing the starry sky in one of the best astronomy places of the world…The accessibility of the country is as good as France, plus the kindness and friendliness of Chileans people. You know what? It was fantastic, we will be back!!! Thank you!!! By The Quechas…

Luc: Swimming with the Sea Lions



Thanks to Korke’s warmth and professionalism, and to Lobo Larsen diving centre, I had an unforgettable moment. They immediately knew how to handle my handicap, to help me and put me at ease. Thanks to this accompaniment, the little hour spent in the water with the sea lions was magical and unforgettable. What a joy to see them come and play with you, by reproducing the movements of the divers with their fins, swimming and spinning around you, almost kissing you.


These animals are really cute, playful and social. To conclude, the support of the divers and the friendliness of the sea lions made this dive one of the happiest and unforgettable moments of my great journey in Patagonia.