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Travel to Patagonia (Chile and Argentina) and Atacama (Chile)

A magnificent, intense, stunning journey of beauty, a unique and remarkable moment, a must among all our journeys!

Deux jeunes pumas à Torres del Paine - Patagonie - Chili

Two young cougars encountered at random in the park Torres del Paine. More than 40 pairs of cougars live in the park (photo C. and B. Morin 2015).

And this trip to Patagonia and Atacama is all the more extraordinary because Anne and her team, as interlocutors and organizers, have pampered us!

Trek sur le glacier Perito Moreno.

Trekking on the Perito Moreno glacier.

That was great !

The preparation is remarkable thanks to a superb quality of exchanges. A listening, a nice adaptation. Then, on the spot, a flawless organization, a perfect choice of hotels, a dense circuit as we like them.

cerf des andes

A huemul, a small Andean deer, very difficult to see because classified as endangered, in Chilean patagonia (photo C. and B. Morin 2015)

To tell the truth, we are still not fully back.
A big congratulations and a big thank you from the bottom of the heart.
Christèle et Bénédicte / November 2015 – benchris2310@live.fr