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Discovering all facets of Chile

Thanks to this trip of 3 weeks with Korke we discovered all facets of Chile; The Arctic beauty of the Patagonian fjords, the exhilarating aridity of the Atacama desert, the outdated charms of Valpairiso, not to mention Santiago and its European influences.

perito moreno

TWe Faidy in front of the incredible perito moreno glacier in Patagonia Argentina

But it was at the Perito Moreno in Argentina, and especially in the Uyuni desert in Bolivia, that the scenery and emotion were the greatest.

The trip was well thought out and organized, and perfectly rhythmic for us. The roadmap was clear, detailed and sound advice. A real vacation!

To conclude, we are very happy with our 3 week trip with Korke.

Anne, Eric, Sol, Eve, and Marie Anne Faidy (Romania, France, United Kingdom) –