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Small return of our trip

Korke? A more than friendly and convivial relationship, both by the mails (long initiated from us) and by the warm welcome in Santiago.

As for the trip, it would be necessary that Anne and Mark helps us to make it to realize!

They allowed us to enjoy all Chileans encountered at random flights, transfers, tours, guides and hotels …

The echo of our journey goes right to the breathtaking landscapes of this long scarf which carries fire to the north and the ice to the south …

These contrasting and enchanting places leave Anne and Mark a feeling of profound gratitude because they have this rare talent to be present, efficient and discreet

We will keep a dazzling memory of these 17 days with the enthusiasm of the unrepentant travelers that we are and that the age does not yet manage to temper !!

Decidedly, no “misfires” at Korke !!

Chantal and Jean Jacques (France) –