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“A journey of 1000 leagues always begins with a first step” said Lao Tzu with much wisdom.

Laguna Miscanti

At more than 4000m meters above sea level, in front of the marvelous lagoon Miscanti and the volcano of the same name.

Our first step was to contact Korke to fly to Chile and Argentina. The following, guided by a roadbook of remarkable precision, were a success beyond our expectations: sublime landscapes, unforgettable experiences from the deserts of Atacama to the immensities of Patagonia, organized by Korke Whose know-how and professionalism are the guarantee of a successful journey.

Torres del paine vallée

Nice view overlooking the valley of El Chaltén located in Patagonia Argentina

Our only regret was to close the last page of the roadbook marking the final stage of a magnificent journey.

Thanks to Korke for these unforgettable memories.

Parisot Family (France) –