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Travel to Argentina and Chile from 11.09.2016 to 12.05.2016

This trip to Argentina and Chile was so well prepared, with a continuous follow-up, a customized road book, which we had the impression of being, at times, the unique customer of Korke.

Torers del Paine

The stunning Torres del Paine, overlooking the turquoise waters of Lake Pehoe, Patagonia, Chile

We appreciated the punctuality of the transfers and the kindness of the guides. As we requested, the hotels were very well chosen, simple, clean and full of charm!

The routes and means of transport proposed were perfectly chosen.

The rental car, with good suggestions of course, nevertheless allowed to proceed differently.

In the organization of the trip, there was a perfect match of intense moments, original outings and resting beaches.

No doubt we recommend Korke and his shock team Ann, Mark and Lena, devil perfectionists.

Thanks for everything !


Families Putallaz and Oschner (Suisse) –