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Travel Argentina and Chile: KORKE is a truly serious travel agency, available and efficient.

The ease of exchanges with the Francophone team is a very high added value to organize the trip, and we secure throughout the journey.

The availability and listening of the team also: we worked on 5 successive versions of itineraries before arriving at the final trip that really suited us on paper, and we were able to check it on the ground.

Lagune Chaxa, Atacama, Chili

Flights from Chilean Flamands to the Salta of Atacama from laguna Chaxa.

We were especially looking forward to a critical review of the “spots” that we had spotted in the travel guides and blogs, and that’s exactly what Korke brought us: by suggesting that we get off the beaten track for magical moments In full pampa in a very comfortable estancia with a view of the Torres Del Paine, a seaside paradise in the Atacama desert at the Puritama baths), taking us to extraordinary and yet little visited destinations (Salar de tara in Atacama), or Still insisting to take us to Valparaiso (with a fabulous guide)!

Torres del paine

In front of the three highest towers of the Cordillera del Paine, and which make up the famous Torres del Paine.

The booked hotels and the well-marked road map gave us incredible freedom every day, so that we only had to worry about progressing, discovering and enjoying every moment!

None of the 5 tour operators we consulted was able to offer us a trip as tight and as economically advantageous as Korke

The small trip in Bolivia was marked by “failures” in the organization, notably due to two successive subcontracting: from Cruz Andina (Chilean agency in San Pedro) to Estrella del Sur (Bolivian agency in Uyuni). Lack of rigor on the part of this Bolivian agency which degraded the journey (4 hours of waiting in the city of Uyuni for a driver to be available, while one could spend more time to benefit from the Salar, damage).

The laptop number to contact the agency at any point on the trip was a real security for us who were traveling by rental car and did not speak spanish.

An unforgettable trip, moments of rare intensity, in these countries (chile, argentina, bolivia) welcoming and pleasant.

Aurélie and Thomas (France) – thom_v2010@yahoo.fr