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Travel in Patagonia in 15 Days

Accustomed to freelance trips, we used for the first time an agency. We needed to simplify our lives and enlighten our ambitious options, on a fairly short time of less than 15 days to travel around Valparaiso and its surroundings,Chiloe, Torres del Paine and Chilean Patagonia.

Cornes du Paine

In front of the turquoise waters of Lake Pehoe with the horns of Paine at the bottom.

The warm and welcoming reception at the airport after a bad flight, the briefing and the road book were a great help. The tips of walks or restaurants have always perfectly stuck to the wait, the only frustration is to have to choose!


On the west coast (Pacific) of the island of Chiloë

We were not disappointed with the hotels and the rooms we occupied were almost invariably the best.

We appreciated the availability of the agency at any time “in case” … cases certainly exceptional but happened therefore, thank you!

The chance was also on our side because the important course, over very short durations, in areas where we could be caught by inclement weather went well!


Family Breton (France) –


mouton et gaucho

A gaucho brings back a sheep on horseback to bring him back to the enclosure of the estancia.