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Comfortable “shipping” boats

As the former Mare Australis vessel retired (after ten years of good services), it has recently been replaced by the newly Stella Australis, slightly bigger, without exceeding the maximum size allowing a safe and pleasant crossing among the narrow fjords of the region. The Via Australis, built in 2005, offers a capacity of 64 cabins and is very much enjoyable as well. These two ships both offer their passengers the same level of comfort with real windows in all cabins A, AA and AAA with individual bathrooms, conference rooms, a large breakfast room and a luxurious lounge bar. Find below the characteristics of these two ships.

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Caractéristiques du navire

Year of construction: 2010
Passenger capacity: 210
Cabins: 100
Cabins type B: 3
Cabins type A: 34
Cabins type AA: 36
Cabins type AAA: 23
Cabins type AA Supérieures: 2
Cabins type AAA Supérieures: 2

pont stella australis


Caractéristiques du navire

Year of construction: 2005
Passenger capacity: 136
Cabins: 64
Cabins type B: 7
Cabins type A: 10
Cabins type AA: 18
Cabins type AAA: 29