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stacks_image_145 Yacutinga is not the name of the last reality show, invented by a fashionable TV channel, although its name can remind it. On the contrary.

stacks_image_207Located in Argentinian territory, in the region of Misiones, a few kilometers from Brazil and the famous Iguazu Falls, Yacutinga is a lodge whose owners offer eco-tourism in the tropical jungle. This original concept extends over 4 hectares and a half into a small palm trees forest (Euterpe edulis). All the ambiance and sound atmosphere generated by the river, the waterfalls, the insects and the surrounding wildlife are all factors for total relaxation and discovery.

The rooms are made of independent modules, scattered in the jungle, spaced from the central module. Each module has 4 bedrooms. The rooms are very comfortable, decorated in a rustic style, with private bathroom and hot water 24 hours a day. During the winter months, especially in June, July and August it can get cold during the night, so each room has a wood-burning fireplace, as in the pioneers time. Peacefully sitting on the landing of your room, you can observe many hummingbirds and other multicolored birds.
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stacks_image_197 stacks_image_195 stacks_image_193In Yacutinga, services are based on respect for the local culture. Yacutinga offers its visitors a traditional family meal prepared with the highest standards of quality and refinement. All the food is made from local ingredients coming from organic farming, without the use of chemical pesticides or fertilizers. The lodge can therefore easily meet the wishes of our vegetarian visitors.

From the start of its creation, the lodge concept was based on total respect for the environment, minimizing the impact on nature. The challenge for the owners was to find a profitable tourism concept without having to give up their ecological principles and convictions. Yacutinga thus preserves the great bio-diversity of the tropical jungle, away from the massive tourism typical of Iguazu Falls.

Yacutinga offers stays from 2 to 5 nights, based on the theme of nature discovery (Yacutinga Experience) with the study of orchids and bromelias, butterflies, or even medicinal plants. The guides are real scientists who will be able to introduce you to the discovery of the flora and fauna in a playful and exploring manner.
Yacutinga can easily be integrated into your customized route that also combines the Iguazu Falls (Argentine and Brazilian side), departing from Buenos Aires. Contact us for more information about the lodge and the possibilities of a tailor-made tour.