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This 11 to 14 day journey, will take you through the grandiose scenery and spectacular vestiges of antique millennial civilizations. You will discover the Chinchorros mummies, the oldest in the world as well as those from Atacama people. You will also see the richness of Tiawanaku Empire’s culture, very influential throughout the region and that lasted over more than half a millennium.


You will also grasp the brutal shock resulting from the encounter between the Inca civilization and the Conquistadors.
You will meet the local populations of Aymaras, Quechuas and Atacamas, who live in the astonishing and sumptuous landscapes of North Chile: from Arica, with the borders of Peru and Bolivia, Lauca natural park and its wide range of fauna located 4500 meters above sea level, to the southern end of the Atacama desert with the country’s largest Salar, near San Pedro de Atacama.

This journey is also the opportunity to discover the golden area of saltpetre, which causes the Pacific war. Head towards the treasures of Saltpetre de Iquique, a city wedged between huge dunes and surrounded by the most arid desert in the world. End the trip by discovering the South Pacific.
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