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Travel with family, friends, or people with common interest

Korke’s strong point is the organization of “à la carte” and totally personalized journeys for mini-groups.

Usually from to 4 to 12 people, these are groups of family, friends, couples or individuals, co-workers or people with common interests (astronomy, history…).

Our different tailor-made offers, for one or two countries:

A great organizational flexibility

These small groups can travel with or without our French-speaking guides. If you chose not to be accompanied by one of them, you will benefit from a sharp organization with all the logistics details and information about the stay reported in a road book, given before your departure.

The organization of these tours is very flexible, as it is possible to provide a minivan with a driver on certain routes, or have rental cars that you will drive by yourself on other parts of the itinerary. Attention, a special permit is required if there is more than 9 passengers.

Plan your trip well in advance

As Argentina and Chile are very popular destinations, and as finding places on international or even domestic flights is difficult when travelling in groups, plan your trip as far in advance as possible to ensure the right dates and correct prices.

Travelling by small groups is an ideal and economic way to visit our countries.
Contact us by email giving your phone number, we will contact you to discuss together about the different options that may suit you.

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