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Korke, our inbound travel agency based in Chile, offers tailor-made tours and itineraries for Chile, Argentina, Patagonia, Land of Fire and Easter Island.

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Our team of specialists designs and develops 100% customized trips, allowing you to discover Chile off the beaten track.

Why travel to Chile?

Chile is a country that stands out for its diversity and friendliness.
This long stretch of land extends over 4,300 kilometers long for only 180 kilometers width.
Chile surprises by its multiplicity and diversity that will win the heart of travel lovers and great adventurers.
Multiplicity first by its geography: by traveling the country from North to South, great differences of climate are to be noted.
While it is one of the most arid regions of the world with the Atacama desert in the north, there are very temperate zones in the central region around Santiago and Valparaíso, as far as the Torres del Paine National Park in Patagonia.
Diversity of cultures also, with its traditions, manifestations and ways of life that vary from one city to another: the Atacaman culture in the North, of Indian origin with a clear influence of the Tihahuanaco and Quechuas culture (people of the Incas).
Before everything else it is unity of hearts, with a welcoming nation, recognized for its kindess and benevolence. Chileans are definitely nice people, curious about strangers with a desire to talk and create ties.
All these varieties of ecosystems, landscapes but also cultures make Chile a country to discover, for all lovers of great spaces and encounters.

Our Chile Tours

Korke offers tailor-made tours, entirely designed to your needs and expectations.
For more than 14 years, our great knowledge of the territory allows us to offer you itineraries that suits you:
– For hikes and outdoors lovers, a journey through the Atacama desert, from San Pedro de Atacama in the Andes mountain range and its ubiquitous volcanoes, Lauca National Park at over 4300 meters above sea level, Salar de Surire where thousands of flamingos roam the salt lagoons, a trek in Torres del Paine Park, making the Grand W for example, or a walk to Isla Navarino at the southernmost tip from America.
– For the ambitious, a crossing of Chile from North to South; From the Atacama region, with its dry, arid and mineral desert, to Patagonian glaciers from the Southern Icefield (380 km long), the third largest ice cap in the world (after the Antarctic and Greenland) to the Land of Fire.
– For the enthusiasts, a journey in Chile with the discovery of Easter Island and its mystical and legendary statues, and the Polynesian culture in strong contrast with Chilean people.
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For all those who see the travel as an enrichment, Chile is a country that offers treasures in every way, from breath-taking landscapes to a mix of active volcanoes, a multitude of lakes and glaciers, a fragmented relief with fjords and large steppes, and an immense desert often compared with the surface of Mars.

Korke, taylor-made journey in Chile

Korke is a family business of more than 10 years’ experience, which key word and priority has always been the customers’ satisfaction.
With a customer service that displays 100% satisfaction, we propose a guidance from the beginning of the project to the end of the journey, through a single interlocutor.
Our team of specialists favours an extremely personal contact with its passengers:
– Regular exchanges upstream of the trip, in order to agree on the ideal circuit
– Personalized welcome at the airport
– We offer you a very detailed road book, adapted to your personalized trip, complete and extremely detailed with the contents of your trip and a large number of plans, as well as suggestions for visits, restaurants, warnings and other useful local information for your stay.
– On-site assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, throughout your stay.
Korke is now the only agency in South America to offer coupled trips to Chile & Argentina, with exploration of the Patagonia region.
It is also the first agency in Chile to organize stays for people in motor handicap situations.
Would you like to discover Chile? Contact us now, we will meet your needs.